1. Dog sitting or baby sitting


For dog sitting you have to feed, walk(if they want), spend time with, and fill up the water bowl. Make sure you stay communicating with the owners so they know the dog is doing well. Also, when my mom pet sits she writes a log for each visit on a piece of paper where she writes which visits they were fed and went to the bathroom. That way the owners know that you came when you ere supposed to and it lets them know how many visits they need to pay you for. The same goes for cat sitting. My mom charges $8 a visit when there are 1 or 2 dogs and $6 for cats because they are faster and easier. This all depends on where you live though. We live in the outskirts suburbs of a smaller city. If you live in a big city then you can get away with charging more because average income is higher. For babysitting just listen to the parents. They tell you what time to put them to bed, if they need to eat, what the kid can and can’t do etc. Normally the parent will ask you how much they need to pay you per hour and you can ask your parents, friends, or other babysitters what the best rate is.


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